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What do you get when you cross a self proclaimed philosopher, an ADHD sufferer, a millennial with 3rd world experience, and a guy that likes to keep everything on the surface? The No Nonsense Show 10% Less BS Than Any Other Podcast Guaranteed

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Yo Lips Too Big

    The No Nonsense Show Episode #694 This week we had one of those episodes where we forgot to add topics to our topic list. Rather than throwing something together at the last minute, we decided on a general theme and pressed record. That isn’t to say that we had a bad ...


  2. The Gongsense Show

    The No Nonsense Show Episode #693 No Smooth because he needs to feel missed. Please make sure you reach out to him on social media and let him know that you forgot he wasn’t here. French Reggy has to revisit his initial Smoothie membership. We discuss how Reggy considered Smooth his ...


  3. Value of the D

    The No Nonsense Show Episode #692 We ll know that the least self aware person on our show is Smooth. French makes him self conscious just before we started recording. Do women care if a man is fat? Maybe not, but it isn’t a plus…unless you mean plus size. He pulls ...


  4. An Escort Is Still A Hooker

    The No Nonsense Show Episode #691 A three-time vaccine getter had to go to the ER one week after receiving the booster shot. Instead of focusing on why she was in ER after receiving a booster, she would rather tweet. Instead of tweeting about the reason she was in the ...


  5. A Lil Convenience For All Your Freedom

    The No Nonsense Show Episode #690 Smooth decided that the little bit of convenience was enough to sacrifice all of his freedom. He went and got the shot to protect him from the virus. Now he will be able to travel from state to state with no issues. Great! And then ...