Health & Safety Protocol

Episode 705 December 28, 2021 02:09:51
Health & Safety Protocol
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Health & Safety Protocol

Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #705

We are still recording via Zoom but at least this time we had topics. Jamie Mack professes that French and his girl are his new favorite young couple. French isn’t sure that this is a positive thing for him considering Mack was the one who tried his best to get them broken up in the early days. Nonetheless, I am there to make sure French is supported. That seems to have become my role these days…supporting Reggy and keeping him safe from Mack.

Has anyone noticed that Sports have began new rules for dealing with Covid? Although the majority of every league is vaccinated, they have started protocols that keep players off of the court/field even if they don’t have Covid. What does it say about their plans when the seemingly healthiest people in the world are not safe to be around? Is this a sign of the Covid Times? Can we all look forward to stricter lockdowns blamed on a new protocol?

Who knew French Reggy was a fossil denier? He is not sure if Fossils are real. He didn’t even know that birds and dinosaurs shared a common ancestor. Just watch Jurassic Park, young Reg.

Jamie Mack wants to know if we would be willing to look the other way for the immaculate conception. We found out tonight that Jamie Mack and god share an interest. At least their search engines are probably similar.

We give French a whole lotta game on his nuptials. And it is hard to not judge the difference between his gift to his girl and her gift to him.

Lastly we chalk up another year of podcasting. can we call it a year? Are we still subscribing to years?

Health & Safety Protocol #TNNS705

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