Melissa Made Him Straight

Episode 689 September 07, 2021 02:43:11
Melissa Made Him Straight
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Melissa Made Him Straight

Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #689

Happy belated Birthday to Jamie Mack. Covid kept us out of studio again, but we needed to finally wish him well even from a remote location. Hopefully, we will be back in-studio next week. But, Que Sera Sera!

Jamie Mack finally comes clean that his favorite rapper is no longer number one on his top five list. Tupac has slipped to 3rd place and you will never guess why. How many people do you think have J Cole as their top spot? Not many, probably, but Mack is positive that he now deserves this billing.

French Reggy gives us his top five nicknames for the penis. In correlation my cohosts are ungrateful. A man cuts his penis off to save the world and they blame him for being too high to know the voices he heard. They told him that if he did sever his penis, he would save the world.

Next we talk about French Reggy’s recent honeymoon. He and his lady went to the Caribbean to enjoy the fruits of a Covid vacation. He claims that they did not get married, but we know the truth. Either way, he tells us about traveling during the pandemic. Moral of the story is to do all of your traveling immediately. Soon, we will not be able to travel so freely.

Mack wonders if we would be willing to take the vaccine if NFL salary numbers were at stake. Many NFL players are having to sacrifice money in lieu of staying unvaccinated. Honestly, most people would take the vaccine to keep their normal salary. The real problem with the vaccine is that the push is so hard. Why is everyone trying so hard to get everyone vaccinated? Reggy took the shot to make things easier. Smooth feels like not being vaccinated will prevent him from living his best life. Something is up. My discernment is all I have to go on. But I trust me.

French Reggy takes a stand for man on man PDA. He doesn’t feel like there is an agenda. And makes a quite impressive case for the need for diversified art. in fact, his argument is so compelling that he must assure us that Melissa, his first crush, ensured that he would be heterosexual. Whatever Melissa put out locked Reggy in for life.

Melissa Made Him Straight #TNNS689

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