Ogles Have Layers

Episode 697 November 02, 2021 01:57:03
Ogles Have Layers
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Ogles Have Layers

Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #697

We have reached a new era of Nonsense. The three legged stool is now official. We wish Smooth the best, but if you are a Smoothie (you probably aren’t), your crew is no more. Maybe Smooth will start another show and if that day happens, we will certainly link you to the new location. But in the meantime, let’s keep this show rolling.

We had a Halloween party at the Honest house over the weekend and we came close to the top of the mountain 41,43, and 21 parties. Mack brought up the Super Bowl party. I had forgotten that. Needless to say if you are ever in the Atlanta area on a weekend when we have a party, you have to drop by.

Jamie Mack wants to know if it is okay to ogle someone’s girl? At the party his eyes were locked on several of the sexy outfits that strutted around. He wasn’t sure if it is okay to do this even if the subject of the ogling is with her man. If your girl comes out of the house looking like a [email protected]##, I think she is up for ogling. Nonetheless, ogling will happen. But are there rules to it? Is open ogling okay? Or should one still remain tactful?

By the way, what man doesn’t enjoy a nice sundress? I know that is a random thought. The only thing better than a sundress, is a bra-less and panty-less sundress. My, my!

Facebook makes a change, but I am not quite sure what the new version is supposed to be. French is supposed to explain it, but does a horrible job. Is that because the idea is bad? Do we want an escape so much that we are willing to really put on glasses that can be seemingly permanent? I’m good with my boring life.

Is sex just a big act? It is no secret that many women will fake orgasms. Some will fake to make the man reach when he is slow-poking it. Some will fake when the D is no good. Some just fake because they think they are supposed to. But aren’t they supposed to?

Ogles Have Layers #TNNS697

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