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Episode 664 March 09, 2021 02:03:07
Super Strizate
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
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Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #664

All Star Weekend went off without a hitch…As long as multiple murders and a gang of violence is what you were expecting. One woman said that they didn’t stop hitting her until she exploded blood from her face. The NBA claimed that there was not going to be an All-Star Weekend. No one got the memo?

Jamie Mack wants to pervert his son’s first experience. Planning out when your son loses his virginity is not something I can agree with, but it must be okay. It is in every movie. Oh and the internet.

French Reggy brings a weird topic to the table. Instead of letting him walk himself down a lonely street, Jamie Mack head butts him and puts him on the defense. Nonetheless, the topic is still weird and I am still not sure his examples were to the point. I will simply ask this question…Have you ever heard of a Universal P**%$? In the midst, Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth now have a flag to fly. They have finally come out of the closet as Super Straight. And no one better discriminate against them.

French Reggy tries to bring up how social media has people doing dangerous almost deadly things to go viral. Mack says this has been happening since viral has been a thing.

Mack wants to know when he can stop giving his kids money. Are you a deadbeat dad if your kid is 30 and you stop feeding him for free?

Super Strizate #TNNS664

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