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Episode 693 October 05, 2021 01:52:36
The Gongsense Show
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
The Gongsense Show

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The No Nonsense Show Episode #693

No Smooth because he needs to feel missed. Please make sure you reach out to him on social media and let him know that you forgot he wasn’t here. French Reggy has to revisit his initial Smoothie membership. We discuss how Reggy considered Smooth his mentor and the start of the show. In actuality, the show became a weekly blooper reel. Mack and I had topics that Smooth never researched. This led to him having no idea what he was talking about and us just roasting him about it. GONG!

Mack wants to talk about being a good samaritan. How willing is the average man to extend himself to be there for someone in peril? I don’t think I am willing to go above and beyond, especially if there is blood involved.

French saw a post that people can now get leg lengthening surgery. He feels like this is his shot at the NBA. More on that topic, have we become a society of people that are not willing to deal with insecurities? Where do you sit on the line of cosmetic perfection? Are you willing to move bones to look better?

And why do complete strangers spill their beans to you looking for advice?

The Gongsense Show #TNNS693

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