Black On Both Sides

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Black isn’t really a race. But if it were, who would win? KingKunta and B-Honest go Head to Head on today’s issues from two sides of the same coin. Nothing is black and white.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Fear of the Chip

    Black On Both Sides Episode #130 Kunta learns of a man that has his nether channels mixed up. Pee comes out the back and poop comes out the front. If you are as confused as I am, you are at least in a company of two. Apparently, a fistula between ...


  2. 42 Days Of Choice

    Black On Both Sides Episode #129 Both Kanye’s and Drake’s albums have been released. I am assuming you have had time to get through them. I didn’t. actually. I listened to Donda, but CLB only got half a listen. Which album is AOY? Or do either of them qualify? We ...


  3. Asleep At The Wheel

    Black On Both Sides Episode #128 OnlyFans reneges on their promise to clean up the internet of all things sex-worker. Kunta loves that I was wrong abut that. I guess when you are right so much of the time, proving me wrong feels ...


  4. Too Many Bundles

    Black On Both Sides Episode #127 Olympic reject Sha’Carri Richardson did a poor job of living up to the legend she had created when she placed dead last in a recent track meet. While the rest of the runners in her event were focused on Tokyo, what was she doing ...


  5. Vax For The Variant

    Black On Both Sides Episode #126 Lebron has made it to millionaire status and we want to congratulate him on his past and future success. I do believe that he has bent to social force, but maybe that is why he is now a billionaire. Kyrie, on the other hand, ...