2020 Is Trying To Garden Tool Us

Episode 98 September 07, 2020 01:12:54
2020 Is Trying To Garden Tool Us
Black On Both Sides
2020 Is Trying To Garden Tool Us

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #98

2020 is trying to punk us. Kunta has been victimized in the midst. His high ankle sprain turned into a possible fracture. Then his possible fracture turned into a definite fracture. His soft cast turned into a boot. And we haven’t even had an MRI yet. Prayers and thoughts to young Kunta!

Tyler Perry finally found his way onto the Forbes billionaire list and Kanye is pacing at his Montana mansion wondering why no one disputed it. I did hear that he out earned all other artists by far, though.

Dave Chappelle went ahead and had his Pandemic Block Party. Kunta was ready to hate on this until he learned that Dave got his own rapid Covid testing kit and made sure everyone was safe.

Attorney General Barr has decided that Jacob Blake has committed a felony and may have tainted the legal waters for any future litigation. Should our AG give his “opinion” of a future case?

Some guy in Minnesota shot his wife and a couple fo black people. Then shot many shots at the police officers that came to arrest him. Surprisingly, the man was taken into custody with no harm. Kunta feels like this is gross misconduct in light of the young man that died of asphyxiation in Rochester, NY. One man was black and one man was white. I will let you guess which is which.

Trump thinks the Troops that have given their lives in combat are losers. And people that serve their countries are suckers. Well, at least that is what Kunta says. I hope this is not real.

2020 Is Trying To Garden Tool Us #BOBS098

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