Black On Both Sides

Bardi On Both Sides

Episode #30


Cardi B is everywhere. She has been chosen for a Las Vegas residency. She performed at the recent Adult Video Awards. But how many artists have had their own Super Bowl Pepsi endorsement? Well, Cardi now has one. It won't be long before she throws her hat in the political ring. It's literally the only thing she hasn't done so far.


Cohen has decided that he will not testify, but we also find out that Trump and Giuliani may have intimidated this reaction and as a result congress will subpoena. Roger Stone was arrested and brings the grand total to 7.


But you know what makes Kunta happier than anything this week, Trump caved on his wall. Even if temporarily, there is now a chink in the orange armor. Did Nancy Pelosi dog walk Trump? (Cardi is everywhere).


Speaking of candidates, Kunta shares his issues with two popular potentials. Kamala Harris and her husband Doug. Kunta hates Doug. The other is Cory Booker, who may be trapped in the closet.

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