Black is KingKunta3X

Episode 93 August 03, 2020 01:39:19
Black is KingKunta3X
Black On Both Sides
Black is KingKunta3X

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #93

Black is King. The title is epic in itself. KingKunta spared no words of praise and approval of the latest work of art from Beyonce. In his words, this is the year’s best effort from a black creator. He tells us this for at least 30 minutes..thus the title. Why in the world would there be any hate for a fictional work of art? Kunta says that the Hoteps and FakeWoke crew were out in the streets ready to purge the queen.

Does Sade have an equal for Versuz? I don’t think so. And as much as I like the challenger that Timbo offered, I don’t think they are in the same universe when it comes to music.

It appears that KingKunta did not know how great P-funk was. Even sober people know the greatness of Parliament Funkadelic. So we decided to go over a few factoids after Kunta watched a Questlove tribute.

Hoop Dreams for another rapper. Guess Who???

NFL player’s choice top 5 is out and we disagree on the order.

John Lewis was laid to rest this week. Many presidents came to pay tribute. Obama figured out a way to push the Democrat agenda into the eulogy. But since he is so great. we let it happen. Guess who didn’t show?

Trump want’s to suspend the election until people are able to vote in person for fear that there will be tampering. So if you are the current president…and your people are in charge of counting…how could there be tampering unless you allowed it?

Will Trump give up the office WHEN he loses?

Black is KingKunta3X #BOBS093

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