Black On Blockchain

Episode 135 November 29, 2021 01:44:23
Black On Blockchain
Black On Both Sides
Black On Blockchain

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Black On Both Sides Episode #135

Thanksgiving has passed and Kunta went to someone else’s house for the event. Where was the mac n cheese? I also went to an in-law’s house and Kunta is offended for them that I didn’t eat. I do not eat at other people’s houses. Please don’t be offended. And please do still invite me. I want to be there and break bread with you and your family. However, I don’t want to eat the bread.

Kunta reports back on his 5 am Club findings. Is this arbitrary number really responsible for the titans of business? Can you force yourself to get up at 5 am everyday?

Kyle Rittnehouse getting off with no charges had Black America on edge that the Arbery trial was not going to go the way of justice. Much to everyone’s surprise the defendants were convicted on all counts. The country takes a loud and intentional exhale.

Whether or not you are part of the crypto gang doesn’t mean that crypto isn’t happening all around you. If you have not invested a penny into crypto, you aren’t alone. It does, however, mean that you are behind when it comes to what will inevitably be the future of money. Maybe Bitcoin is not the future. But something like Bitcoin will be. NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto currency all need to be a part of your vocabulary.

Black On Blockchain #BOBS135

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