Black On Both Sides

Countdown To Confinement


Episode #24


Ice Cube drops an album that is considered his best in many years. But how did KingKunta invest his time? Listening to Gucci Mane. Most of you think Kunta is the sensible side of this partnership. However, I would like to introduce this as evidence A. If it is ratchet, Kunta likes it. This has to color his politics, but whatever...


Kunta is counting down on Trump's impeachment. He brings more details this week. From Flynn's testimony, to Cohen knowing where to find the dead bodies, Mueller continues to be Kunta's superhero. I have a feeling if the water gets too hot, Trump will take a vacation to country with no extradition and decide to extend it forever.  Kunta thinks he will just resign and get pardoned. Either way you look at it, Kunta feels like the time has arrived and the orange man will soon also wear orange.

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