Economy Easter - Pandemic Times

March 24, 2020 00:38:34
Economy Easter - Pandemic Times
Black On Both Sides
Economy Easter - Pandemic Times

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode (Pandemic Times)


Our first ever live broadcast. We delve into the past couple of day's interesting topic. Trump is "hoping" to save the country in time to go to church on Easter. Kunta is not sure. I am optimistic.


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Episode #40 A few days removed from the funeral and Kunta seems to be back on track. But we can’t refrain from saying a few words about the event. Overall, this was a positive celebration of what has become one of the most surprisingly influential figures in the community. Magic Johnson has vacated a front office job allowing the league to lighten up (figuratively and literally). He has had enough of the son’s ways. What is the cost here? Will LeBron stay? Speaking of phenoms…Tiger has done it again. This time 43 and with a bad back, but done it, he has. Another green jacket and another step closer to the record. Here’s a fun fact…Some of your Democrats have not always so liberal. For instance, Joe Biden. How many of you know his stance on segregation? I’m sure now you are thinking it is pretty positive. However, did he always feel this way? And should we hold him accountable for the man he was? Kunta wants everyone to know that Trump is a boogey man. They couldn’t get him with the Mueller Report, so let’s keep trying. The flavor of the week is weaponization of immigrants. Yes, you heard it correctly. Kunta feels like Trump has weaponized your local neighborhood immigrant. I fell like it is a stiff glass of getting what you want. What say you? ...


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