Full John Wick

Episode 120 April 26, 2021 01:32:59
Full John Wick
Black On Both Sides
Full John Wick

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Black On Both Sides Episode #120

We send out a RIP to musician, artist, producer, influencer Shock G of Digital Underground. A person who musically didn’t get the recognition deserved to him. But someone that will not be forgotten. Meanwhile, DMX has a funeral and the earth stands still. Maybe a little bit lopsided. But hey, rest to both of them, nonetheless.

Vanessa Bryant may be single-handedly destroying the Kobe legacy by not coming to terms with Nike and their proposed future for the brand. Shouldn’t this be bigger than her? Is this about money?

Candace Owens continues to stay relevant by saying that the Chauvin trial was not justice but instead a testament to how the country is controlled by mob rule. Mob rule may have had something to do with 3 guilty verdicts coming back…but clearly she didn’t watch the video.

Surrounding the Chauvin trial, there were two police events that made the news. Dautne Wright and Makhia Bryant. Both of which resulted in the black person dying at the hands of police. The timing couldn’t be worse, but these two incidents are very different in my eyes. Are we headed for a new day in police oversight? Or is this a detour before we go back to business as usual?

45 mass shootings last month. Is it time to crack down on guns in this country? I am not so sure. Kunta makes great points about magazine capacity and need for assault rifles. I however, still feel the need to have for protection. This is more than likely going to be the theme for a few shows this year on BOBS. But here is where it always falls down. I own guns, but I have never had the urge to go full John Wick. And because of that, why do I need gun control?

Gun Violence.

Full John Wick #BOBS120

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