Black On Both Sides

George Bush Cares About Black People

Episode # 12

Kunta is on vacation, but that didn't stop him from podcasting. Either he really likes hearing himself talk or he is dedicated. I will go with the latter. So shouts out to him for going the extra mile for us. On today's menu, Aretha's going away party and Ariana's boob. Kunta knows people who attended and snap chatted the whole thing. In case you were wondering there were four wardrobe changes for the deceased. I don't even have four nice things to change in to and I'm still breathing. This can't be a coincidence, John McCain also drifted home. Funny thing is, Obama passed on Franklin's funeral but made it to McCain's. Dub-ya was also there and shared his candy. Could Kanye have been wrong about Bush this whole time?

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