GoFundWho? #BOBS029

Episode 29 January 14, 2019 01:18:01
GoFundWho? #BOBS029
Black On Both Sides
GoFundWho? #BOBS029

Show Notes

Episode #29

When is the last tie your favorite rapper was from Houston? No, Travis Scoot isn't rap...so he doesn't count. KingKunta has a suggestion for any south rap fan that is starved for lyrical snapping. Killa Kyleon bridges the gap between lyrics and The South for this generation. Meanwhile Big Boi has betrayed his brethren and Kap and decided to participate in the Super Bowl Half Time Show. But weren't you all saying that we needed Atlanta artists representing for a Super Bowl in Atlanta? I can't keep up with the outrage.

KingKunta went and got his priesthood paperwork completed. And to celebrate he marries two Asians. Picture that, 200 hundred Asians and their black minister.

Is it wrong that Kunta has been hearing R Kelly hits in his head for the [ast couple of weeks? What about a weatherman that doesn't Know you can't say coon when speaking of Martin Luther King? Wait, so the guy collecting GoFundMe money for Trump's wall decided to use the money for his own wall-building exercise? Meanwhile, the TSA calls in sick. Nothing is black and white.

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Episode 138

February 07, 2022 01:31:00
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The Flores Fix

Black On Both Sides Episode #138 Kunta has done the unthinkable. He has put down his breaded chicken favorite for the plant based Beyond Chicken. Not really because who in the world that would eat a fried meat would care that it is meat? No one. My advice is that you have to enjoy some things in life and chicken should be one of them. I almost forgot it was Black History Month. and we need to celebrate by shouting out someone who starred in one of the greatest black movies of all time...The Color Purple. Whoopi got no support from her people when she made a statement that the powers that be deemed inappropriate. Which is it? Believe all women or I'm rooting for everybody black? Neither I guess. Is her career over? Finally there is talk in the NFL of games being thrown to the price of 100k per game. Brian Flores is using this outrage to propel his agenda to get more people of color into leadership jobs. The good old boys in the front offices are not happy. But maybe this is the fix the NFL needs. The Flores Fix #BOBS138 Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  premium subscriber HERE Get Show merch here: MERCH ...


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Cohen On Mute #BOBS035

Episode #35 What’s Hot Tristan Thompson apparently can’t do anything right. He can’t even get out of the relationship correctly. This Kardashian is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her man this time. #freetristain What’s the difference between wealthy and rich? Young Dolph and Keyshawn Johnson move in very different ways. Some people can’t get robbed no matter how hard they try and others lose half a million at Cracker Barrel. R. Kelly gets out and it’s all because of a daycare owner who used her wrongful death settlement money as collateral. What’s worse…her daughter being memorialized by bailing out Kellz, or the fact that she is supposed to be protecting kids at her job and released a alleged child molester? What’s Real Cohen had a big day but I didn’t get the info. I watched it, but had to mute the sound due to being at work. Apparently, the Republicans didn’t hear it either as they decided to #muteCohen at every turn. Is Cohen a dirtbag? Yes. Is his testimony likely tainted? Yes. But does he know where the bodies are buried? Most likely. Did Republicans have any questions for him? No. Kunta went on a Cohen deep dive about reimbursements and racism. I have trouble connecting the dots as to how this will really affect Trump enough to put him behind bars. Only time will tell. Kunta is sure that one of the many courts after Trump will likely succeed. MArk Meadows uses a human prop that Kunta can’t get over. He feels like this is as much a sign of racism as any other we have discussed. Meanwhile Trump flies off to ...


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Episode #33 This episode is a little different than the normal BOBS. We discuss little politics and instead get into the issue of integrity. How important is integrity? How much money would it take for you to dance? What about TI? What about Floyd? What about Jay-Z? What about Jussie? What about Kaep? Last but not least, what about Steve? ...