Black On Both Sides

He Without High School Sin, Cast The First Stone

Episode #16

This show is brought to you by spotty Wi-Fi. This just lets you know how seriously we take this show. We want more that anything to get you a great show every week. Please pardon our technical issues this week. Kunta is on the WuChainz and not on the T.I. Everyone likes Wayne's project. 2 Chainz further proves that he is a star and is not willing to let you put him in a box. This may be why he is still rapping trap and is as old as I am. Now, can we old people admit that although most of Wu-Tang was lyrical, ODB was no better than the mumble rappers we criticize today? Kunta has finally accepted that Kavanaugh is in and there is nothing that can be done about it. I wonder why we even got here considering the only thing he was accused of, happened when he was a kid. He that is without high school sin, let him cast the first stone. Bette Midler cast a stone that hit black people.

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