Impeached PostHUMOROUSLY

Episode 111 February 01, 2021 01:47:06
Impeached PostHUMOROUSLY
Black On Both Sides
Impeached PostHUMOROUSLY

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #111

Trumps people can’t seem to find job now that the Fantastic Voyage is over. In fact, new people are separating themselves from him. Trump’s entire legal team has abandoned ship, as well. Why? Trump isn’t worried about impeachments. He is still concerned with voter fraud.

Meanwhile, Trump’s people are still going for the throats of the other party. One of my Georgia reps has asked for the head of Nancy Pelosi. She may not have actually requested it. But she would’t be mad if her head fell off.

Trump is gearing up for his trial. Things to take note of. He didn’t pardon himself, his kids, or Giuliani. This impeachment may be the first in a long line of convictions. The first president to be impeached and convicted post transfer is hilarious.

Impeached PostHUMOROUSLY #BOBS111

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