Impeachment On Pause

Episode 68 January 06, 2020 01:27:47
Impeachment On Pause
Black On Both Sides
Impeachment On Pause

Show Notes

Episode #68 The NFL playoffs are officially here. J Cole has new music but sadly, Amethyst has nothing coming. I share why I love her fake voice and Kunta continues to be the hoodest of us...looking for a new 2 Chainz project.


This week was one of turmoil but we have to take it in chronological order. There isn't a way that you have missed any of this news, however, we will break it down line by line. I want to know why the articles of impeachment are taking so long to be delivered. Is it because they aren't worthy of impeachment, because he won't get impeached, or both of those things and a far more sinister platform positioning tactic by the Democrats? I have to wonder if the articles had been delivered, maybe we would not be in the other mess we are in. Now how do we proceed? Did someone hit the pause button? Was it the Democrats?


Do you remember when Obama and the rest of the sane world figured out a way to get Iran to relax their uranium development? Kunta says it was a thing. Trump figured out how to immediately undo the doings of that agreement. And we have intensified the region as a result. Fast forward to the Embassy protest and the imminent threat re[ports, now we are knee deep in the muck. How about we bomb someone? Perfect timing, you say? Distraction from impeachment, you say?


It can't be that easy.


Either way, we support the Troops!


Impeachment On Pause #BOBS068

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