Black On Both Sides

Insane Asylum


Episode #25


When KingKunta is running half marathons, his body weakens like an old man. Because of this, he can't hang at parties. By 10:45 he is heading to the door. But not before noticing how much pain women put themselves through to be beautiful. Trust me that it isn't more painful that waking up with a beard full of grays and looking 10 years older than you are. Put that in your spanx, ladies.


KingKunta changes his stance on the border caravan. Asylum seekers deserve and are awarded certain liberties by law in this country. Why aren't we holding up our side of the law? Do we tear gas asylum seekers? Do we allow little girls seeking asylum to die in our custody? Apparently, we do. At least under a zero tolerance policy, we do. Once again, I end up being forced to defend the President's position only because Kunta's left-leaning outrage is so emotional. Above all, I have to agree that anyone neglected in our custody is insane. I am not sure if coming here is better or worse than just staying where you were. Pun intended this is the insane asylum.

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