Black On Both Sides

Kaep Is Good For Business

Episode #13

Nike split the country with its support for Colin Kaepernick. In doing so, sales are up 31%. Publicity stunt or not, people seem to be supportive. And that message is good for everyone. At this point, if you don't recognize the sacrifice he has made for other people, you are dead on the inside. Serena is accused of melting down during her eventual loss to new blood. Kunta feels like this is just more subterfuge to take away from the fact that the young winner is black. If you are in your apartment in Dallas; and that apartment just happens to be located near a police officer's apartment; you could die. I wish that were a joke. Police Officers in Dallas are allowed to mistake someone else's home for their own and then kill the person who lives in that hoe for breaking and entering. Still waiting on charges. Trump apparently has snakes in the grass and Kunta is ready for the impeach Party.

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