Black On Both Sides

Keep Georgia UnKempt


Episode #20


Georgia is in the news a lot these days. Even if you didn't want to pay attention, you have to have heard about the governor race. Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams are running so close that Pence and Trump have both made appearances in the great state. Most of the people I know don't want Kemp anywhere near the office. Of course, I live in Atlanta. 35 minutes in any direction and you are in the deep south. Their views certainly differ. I am not a voting man, but if I were, I choose to keep Georgia Un-Kemp-t. Either way, he can't prevent voters from showing up and voting against him now. So good luck.


Besides that we mix in a bit of everything. Kaep isn't the only 49er that was willing to take a knee. Should we bootleg Kaep apparel or Bad Boys 3? Kunta think Takeoff is writing all the lyrics. Great week in music. Iggy gets dropped. Wesley owes 10 M's. And a weekly dose of Rate The Racism.

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