Less Voting Please

Episode 115 March 08, 2021 01:30:05
Less Voting Please
Black On Both Sides
Less Voting Please

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #115

The Black Super Bowl (aka NBA All Star Game) is in Atlanta this weekend, and there are people everywhere. It isn’t as bad as Texas where their Governor has decided that his state should be a mask free zone. He recently opened EVERYTHING with no restrictions or curfews. Mississippi decided to follow along for some reason. So Atlanta isn’t that bad. However, I was not able to get Popeye’s Chicken this weekend due to the capacity crowd at Cascade’s Skating Rink which shares the parking lot with Popeye’s.

Catfishing is supposed to be limited to relationships, however, HBO has a new show about the next level. They have taken on the task of making someone famous without there being anything for them to be famous for. Speaking of doing something you have no skills for, Zaya Wade interviewed Michelle Obama. Anyone can be and do anything. What happened to 10,000 hours?

Biden has finally done something with his Presidency. Those stimulus checks he promised should be hitting your accounts in the next couple of weeks. 1.9 Trillion has been accepted and is on its way to needy Americans.

Republicans are working hard to limit access to voters. They feel that the fewer people that vote, the more percentage rises for Republicans. It may be the only way Republicans ever get elected again. So they are on a campaign to figure out how to keep you away from the polls.

According to Kunta this is all evidence of why it was so important that we all went out and voted. And this is why we should continue to vote.  

Less Voting, Please #BOBS115

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