Let The Voters Have Their Water

Episode 118 March 29, 2021 01:52:28
Let The Voters Have Their Water
Black On Both Sides
Let The Voters Have Their Water

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #118

Inquiring mind (mine) wants to know whether or not a person that can’t pay for brunch should get to choose where brunch happens. I say no. Kunta lets his kids pick the brunch spot. As you would expect for non-paying people, it didn’t go well. Tokyo and brunch don’t go together.

Versuz coming is old school and didn’t finish school. I am here for the Isley v. Earth Wind and Fire. But someone needs to tell Xscape that they didn’t have enough hits to verse anyone. Is this more about nostalgia, or are we still doing this in battle format?

Kunta wants to tell you guys about the Black political issues that Marvel is working into their new series. I for one don’t need politics with my nerd stuff. I don’t really have a say since I will not be watching any of the episodes.

How long do we call something a conspiracy theory after a high level official says it is true? The CDC guy says that a Wuhan lab is the creator and publisher of the virus. Is that not enough to go on? Or do we not trust high level CDC guys anymore?

If you have been a listener to our show for a while, you know that Kunta considers any voter issues to be the highest order of criminality in government. Well, my home state is trying to send what Kunta calls the country into Jim Crow 2.0. For instance, handing someone a water in line is a criminal offense. Now I am not sure that the new voter laws are quite enough to be considered Jim Crow, however, they are serious. It may be the beginning of what is to come for surrounding states and the country at whole.

Sadly, as we neared the end of our time, we got into a pretty interesting gun laws debate. The AR-15 has reared its ugly head once again and we must do anything we can to send it to the pit of hell.

Let The Voters Have Their Water #BOBS118

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