No Gorillas Were Harmed

Episode 112 February 08, 2021 01:28:27
No Gorillas Were Harmed
Black On Both Sides
No Gorillas Were Harmed

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #112

They call it Gorilla Glue for a reason. It is as strong as a gorilla. Just when you thought all social media stunts were fake. this girl has gone to the ER and the results aren’t good. Can we debunk this one? Is this the last hair gel you will ever need? Don’t worry, no gorillas were harmed in the making of this IG post.

We have come to know that Kyrie is only normal on the court. Everywhere else he is the guy that millennials call a millennial. His clap back for a young white comedy guy is comedy.

Has Belichick been exposed and Brady finally raised to the rafters for the Patriot’s success? Maybe. And wouldn’t it be great if AB could be the MVP in a Tampa Bay victory?

Biden disallows Trump any access to future security briefings. In light of his debt and inability to refrain from manipulate situations into his favor, this is a good idea. 

Meanwhile Marjorie Taylor Green stands strong in GA. Can we at least get her removed from the committees she is a part of? You would think that someone that supported storming the Capitol would gain enough enemies to do this. We find out that many, many Capitol guards were injured (some severely) in the storming. But don’t fear, Majorie, no MAGA guerrillas were harmed in the insurrection of this nation. At least, not really.

Stealing the vote is a serious accusation. So it is no wonder that the voting machine companies find a problem with being accused on FOX News of being a part of it. Look out Lou. They are coming for you too.

No Gorillas Were Harmed #BOBS112

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