Overturning America

Episode 143 May 16, 2022 01:10:41
Overturning America
Black On Both Sides
Overturning America

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #143

Kunta took a visit of the new Tupac museum in LA.From what he is saying this is a definite place to visit if you ever make it to LA. Contrary to most people's belief, I am a Tupac fan when it comes to culture and impact. Just imagine what Pac had in store for us had he survived his twenties. Sadly, you have to exit through the gift shop. Leave your wallet in the car.

RICO comes to visit a new gang of Atlanta rappers. Everyone knows, you don't beat the RICO.

A draft was leaked stating that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. States will get the right to choose how they handle abortions. Kunta feels like this is already sewn up. I believe that we should support our justices or burn the whole thing down. If there is no objectivity left in the halls...The halls must go! How often does the Supreme Court overturn a decision???

Overturning America #BOBS143

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Episode #21 My daughter drops in because she wanted to do our intro. KingKunta asks her to stay on past that and then does what he does to me every week...Talks without pause. Let's all "VOTE" that he starts using headphones so he can actually hear my side of the conversation sometimes. Just like a liberal, never really listening to the other side. Speaking of voting, Kunta is in high spirits (pun intended). He likes the new look of the nation after the midterms. There are black, Native American, homosexual, and bisexual winners. Gay cakes for everyone. No, but seriously, due to high minority turnout, the country's elected officials are more diverse than ever before. Too bad Florida and Georgia missed the memo. But wait...Kunta is holding out for the recount. So much voter fraud and suppression. It is running rampant in Georgia. Kunta has confidence that justice will prevail. So you are telling me the guy in charge of the office that is counting the votes is going to fess up and do the right thing? There is faith that with Maxine Waters having a new position, Trump is on his heels to avoid the orange jumpsuit. Once again proving that liberal thinkers are so emotional that they will let anyone willing to scream loud lead their party. ...


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Episode #22 How was your turkey? Mine was succulent. The ham too. How was Kunta’s? Dry as the foot of a shoeless African. But the sides were good, right? Kunta explains how to ruin a Thanksgiving. I will tell you how to prepare my dessert.  Sorry we missed you last week. Kunta was off completing the trifecta of the Spartan races and much to his surprise, I am impressed. There is a lot to be said of a person that willingly request punishment to that extent. Congrats on the completion, Kunta. Our big issue on this epsiode is the caravan of immigrants that finally made it to the border. Surprise though, You can’t actually just cross into the US. Even if Democrats have made you believe that no one likes Trump…You can’t just openly disregard sovereignty. So now what? I don’t know. Go home? Tijuana ins’t going to accept you. Liberals will not save you. In fact, no one came to these people’s rescue. At one point, they were fired on. Tear gas on a crowd of people including women and children is not the media day you want as a president. But at this point, how can this be avoided? Mass shooter in an Alabama mall left a potential mistaken identity victim dead. Did I mention he was fresh out of bootcamp? Did I mention he was a classy and well respected citizen of his community? Whoops goes the police force. How are we going to explain this one away. Doesn’t seem likely that this one will easily be forgotten. ...


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