Pardon the Pandemic

Episode 108 December 28, 2020 01:35:06
Pardon the Pandemic
Black On Both Sides
Pardon the Pandemic

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #108

We have come to the end of another year. So much has gone wrong this year. Even the nerds will not be pleased. Wonder Woman waited until 2020 to go back and film a remembrance of 1984. The dialogue, special efx, and overall quality of the movie may not have been good enough for even 1984.

Kunta wound up in an emergency room in LA. Overpopulation and the misuse of someone’s mask gave him the backdrop necessary for a surprising event. Want to see a dead body? Go to the ER.

Out of nowhere we are talking about life and death. The here and the hereafter…or lack thereof. Death is a heavy topic. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to have more conversations about it since we will all succumb to it one day? We can’t blame the pandemic. Death was death-ing long before COVID-19.

Speaking of pardoning, Trump is on a roll. He is gearing up to set a pardon record for all of his cronies and friends. This in the midst of an unsigned defense bill. Incredibly. we are also in the midst of an unsigned stimulus bill.

Are you ready for the 13th month of 2020?

Pardon the Pandemic #BOBS108

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