Episode 139 February 21, 2022 01:36:21
Black On Both Sides

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #139

This week we almost didn't get to record. So show notes will be to the point. IF you can't rely on the religious texts being accurate, you have to do your own homework. So do you own homework!

Rely-gion #BOBS139

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Episode 22

November 26, 2018 01:16:28
Episode Cover

Trail Of Tear Gas #BOBS022

Episode #22 How was your turkey? Mine was succulent. The ham too. How was Kunta’s? Dry as the foot of a shoeless African. But the sides were good, right? Kunta explains how to ruin a Thanksgiving. I will tell you how to prepare my dessert.  Sorry we missed you last week. Kunta was off completing the trifecta of the Spartan races and much to his surprise, I am impressed. There is a lot to be said of a person that willingly request punishment to that extent. Congrats on the completion, Kunta. Our big issue on this epsiode is the caravan of immigrants that finally made it to the border. Surprise though, You can’t actually just cross into the US. Even if Democrats have made you believe that no one likes Trump…You can’t just openly disregard sovereignty. So now what? I don’t know. Go home? Tijuana ins’t going to accept you. Liberals will not save you. In fact, no one came to these people’s rescue. At one point, they were fired on. Tear gas on a crowd of people including women and children is not the media day you want as a president. But at this point, how can this be avoided? Mass shooter in an Alabama mall left a potential mistaken identity victim dead. Did I mention he was fresh out of bootcamp? Did I mention he was a classy and well respected citizen of his community? Whoops goes the police force. How are we going to explain this one away. Doesn’t seem likely that this one will easily be forgotten. ...


Episode 98

September 07, 2020 01:12:54
Episode Cover

2020 Is Trying To Garden Tool Us

Black On Both Sides Episode #98 2020 is trying to punk us. Kunta has been victimized in the midst. His high ankle sprain turned into a possible fracture. Then his possible fracture turned into a definite fracture. His soft cast turned into a boot. And we haven’t even had an MRI yet. Prayers and thoughts to young Kunta! Tyler Perry finally found his way onto the Forbes billionaire list and Kanye is pacing at his Montana mansion wondering why no one disputed it. I did hear that he out earned all other artists by far, though. Dave Chappelle went ahead and had his Pandemic Block Party. Kunta was ready to hate on this until he learned that Dave got his own rapid Covid testing kit and made sure everyone was safe. Attorney General Barr has decided that Jacob Blake has committed a felony and may have tainted the legal waters for any future litigation. Should our AG give his “opinion” of a future case? Some guy in Minnesota shot his wife and a couple fo black people. Then shot many shots at the police officers that came to arrest him. Surprisingly, the man was taken into custody with no harm. Kunta feels like this is gross misconduct in light of the young man that died of asphyxiation in Rochester, NY. One man was black and one man was white. I will let you guess which is which. Trump thinks the Troops that have given their lives in combat are losers. And people that serve their countries are suckers. Well, at least that is what Kunta says. I hope this is not real. 2020 Is Trying To Garden Tool Us #BOBS098 Support the show by paying ...


Episode 76

March 23, 2020 00:57:47
Episode Cover

Lying His Way Through The Pandemic

Black On Both Sides Episode #76   Kunta had a home emergency requiring the essential services of Home Depot. Did you know that Home Depot is an essential business? You probably wouldn't think so until you have a leaking pipe during the apocolypse.   Evangelicals want you to disregard your job and give it all to the lord. So if you have been holding on to that 10% thinking you needed to save it for a rainy day, don't fret. Just give it to the lord and he will provide. Kit and I are not tithing. So, there's that.   King Kunta wants Trump to shut his mouth as an alternative from telling lies. As much as I think there is an honesty issue, I also feel like the regular joe has a responsibility to not poke the bear. Either way, Kunta is glad that there is an expert just to the side of Trump to fill in all of the gaps that Trump leaves.   Lying His Way Through The Pandemic? #BOBS076   Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  premium subscriber HERE   Get Show merch here: MERCH   Follow us at: Twitter Instagram Facebook ...