Rioters aren’t Protestors & Militia aren’t Cops

Episode 97 August 31, 2020 01:32:12
Rioters aren’t Protestors & Militia aren’t Cops
Black On Both Sides
Rioters aren’t Protestors & Militia aren’t Cops

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #97

Rest in peace to our first mainstream black super hero. Chadwick Boseman lost his battle with cancer and the world was shocked because we didn’t know he was sick. We all know what Marvel means to Kunta, but the world felt this loss.

17 year olds should not carry AR-15s. In fact, it is illegal to carry one. However, Kyle did. In the process of carrying this weapon, he killed two people and injured another. Why was he even in a state that he did not live in? Do we need a militia to protect businesses? Why wasn’t he arrested the night of the shootings? Many questions here. Do we think that a proper investigation will be had?

I want to separate protesters from rioters and law enforcement from militia. I don’t think these groups should be considered the same thing, nor do I think the former should suffer for the latter’s negligence and/or criminality. But was the militia perceiving that police supported their movement? Were they actually supporting it?

Lastly and most importantly, how do we feel about the Jacob Blake shooting? What warrants the use of deadly force? Was there enough of that in this scenario to excuse the police from opening fire? Kunta cites a case that provides precedent against this shooting.

Rioters aren’t Protestors & Militia aren’t Cops #BOBS097

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