Black On Both Sides

Shut It Down


Episode #26


Kunta thinks that Christmas brings the best out of everyone, even if we can't say it at work. How many Happy Holidays did you give out this year? Santa is watching. And Kunta is using that to keep his kids in line.


Kunta affirms to protect this planet from enemies both foreign and domestic. He is signing up for the Space Force just so that he can say Nanu Nanu and wear the cool visor glaesses like in Star Trek. Yes he made fun of this before. He seems serious, though.


Speaking of serious, it looks like the government has shut down. Is that why Mattis quit? No pay? Trump is looking to fire the Federal Reserve boss as well. Chaos in the White House. And apparently no one is looking out for this country outside of it's walls.


Hey, but try and have a great Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas...not Holidays.

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