Black On Both Sides

Super Powers Need Us


Episode #23


Music is not sucking these days. Kunta hurls compliments at Meek Mill's new project. This is odd because Kunta previously wanted Meek to proves his purpose for existing. I am having trouble breaking up with the Georgia Bulldogs after their "yet again" moment. As I am rebuking them and the other teams in Atlanta, Kunta reveals that The Dawgs will play a bowl game against his alma mater and I am instantly rejuvenated in fandom. 


On to serious topics. The U.S. has real enemies. Some are more real than others. Kunta feels like Russia is the most real due to Trump's actions around Putin. I happen to believe this could all be chess and there is no reason to wet the bed. The fear is that Russia, like China, is a real threat because they own oarts of our economy. I believe that the world needs our economy more than anything else in the world. This world is set up to interact with the U.S.


Kunta comes prepared with The Michael Cohen timeline of how this Russia thing all unfolds. He is so ready for impeachment that he fails to remember that Trump is a billionaire. And Billionaires do not get punished in this country.

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