Takes More To Make A War #BOBS019

Episode 19 October 29, 2018 01:23:07
Takes More To Make A War #BOBS019
Black On Both Sides
Takes More To Make A War #BOBS019

Show Notes

Episode #19

Kunta has a chance encounter with one of the stars of yesteryear. Kunta is not forgiving of how time treats our childhood celebrities. Mr T. is no exception. He wore chains on TV, he should have chains on 30 years later, right? Mary and Diddy get no love either. That no dancing and scary combo both get shamed by Kunta. Is there any validity to the fact that they were both at Uptown and one point in their careers? That can't be just a coinkidink. Ask yourself have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time? 

I'll tell you who Kunta is here for, Kelly Rowland. He doesn't care if she bleaches her skin. I happen to think that social media has a lot of nerve challenging her about this. Even if it were true, what about the other countless women that we allow to change everything about themselves for the Gram?

This week proved to be the most mischievous in a while. A thwarted bomb mail attempt, a shooting at a synagogue, and a Kroger red dot special all graced our headlines. Listen as Kunta tries to connect the dots on all of these happenings. Somewhere along the way the phrase race war is brought up. I can't remember which one of us said it first, but nonetheless...How many have to die for a thing to be considered a war?

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Episode #1 KingKunta is happy to announce the death of Aubrey Graham. He believes that now is the time to pay respects to the family and start a GoFundMe account for Drake’s remaining fanbase because they will need lots of counseling. I, on the other hand, believe that we should allow a little time to pass before we count Good Ol’ Lite Bright out. The NFL has made a compromise but no one on the left is calling it that. No one but me. In fact, I have never been more centered than I am on this topic. Should we watch the NFL this year? Should we expect to see anarchy at the beginning of every game? Is King Kunta’s offended state appropriate? Either way, the Cowboys will not be good. Sit, Stand, Or Kneel. Roseanne Barr got herself and her costars ousted from the ABC network. Is it appropriate for them to have fired everyone? Were her tweets racist enough for complete upheaval? Most importantly, where is the lone now on offensive comedy? Do we dinosaur need to die off so that the sensitive millennials can roam the earth making sure no one is offended…and no one is having fun. ...


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Episode #32 All is good on this side of the wall. How do we know? Because the bloke is behind bars. They are giving Savage no chill on getting him the eff up out of here. Or are they? He is still being detained after what seems like an eternity compared to how long they held Slick Rick. Speaking of the UK, Kunta is ready to cancel Liam Neeson for his comments about revenge. I am not so quick to throw a person away. Are there any redeeming qualities in his confession? Can we cancel Gucci yet? How dare they make a sweater look like blackface? I’m just wondering if anybody that can afford Gucci cares if black people are offended? — Breaking News — Kunta wants to cancel a whole state. Why can’t The Commonwealth of Virginia get their stuff together. It seems like every other day a new member of their Government realizes that one time they put on blackface for something or rather. You reckon’ I should tell y’all bout that time I so forth and so on. Be on the lookout for more Virginia blackfaces…but not from black people. ...


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Black On Both Sides Episode #99 Kunta is still working on his name. Who knows where this thing will end up…but I know that KingiestKuntaest3xiest is not going to work. We are hopeful that Kunta will come up with something soon. He decides to get stuck on the fact that I have what some would consider to be weird eating habits. I reveal that I do not eat anything cold nor do I drink anything hot. This does not compute. What has verzuz come to? Now we are about to witness a verzuz that our grandparents would be proud of. I’m not interested in the b-roll conversations that Ms Patti and Ms Gladys are going to have between songs. Also, did Monica wear fake Fendi? Sports is back in full effect. The NFL has decided to get on the right (profitable) side of history by adhering to BLM standards. Many signs that they plan to do the right thing this year when it comes to social awareness. Somehow, no one told the fans at the first game of the season based on them booing the Texans for locking arms in solidarity at the beginning of the game. Read the damn memo we are standing up for social justice, not booing the actors. Trump almost admits to lying about his awareness of the danger of COVID in the very beginning of this pandemic. I’m not sure anyone knew what to expect including Trump. So I am not so willing to call him a liar. Let’s at least leave the door open in light of how fast experts were changing their minds in the beginning of this crisis. Over the weekend LA County police officers were ambushed ...