Black On Both Sides

The Commonwealth of Blackface


Episode #32


All is good on this side of the wall. How do we know? Because the bloke is behind bars. They are giving Savage no chill on getting him the eff up out of here. Or are they? He is still being detained after what seems like an eternity compared to how long they held Slick Rick. Speaking of the UK, Kunta is ready to cancel Liam Neeson for his comments about revenge. I am not so quick to throw a person away. Are there any redeeming qualities in his confession?


Can we cancel Gucci yet? How dare they make a sweater look like blackface? I'm just wondering if anybody that can afford Gucci cares if black people are offended?


-- Breaking News ---


Kunta wants to cancel a whole state. Why can't The Commonwealth of Virginia get their stuff together. It seems like every other day a new member of their Government realizes that one time they put on blackface for something or rather. You reckon' I should tell y'all bout that time I so forth and so on. Be on the lookout for more Virginia blackfaces...but not from black people.



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