The Coonman Cometh #BOBS031

Episode 31 February 04, 2019 01:33:04
The Coonman Cometh #BOBS031
Black On Both Sides
The Coonman Cometh #BOBS031

Show Notes

Episode #31

Cardi B keeps finding her news in our show. More of the same. She is everywhere. She appeared to headline over Bruno Mars in Atlanta this weekend. And they had to turn people away. That's okay to Kunta because he feels like Bruno is just a replay of the 80s. Did we mention why btoh of them are in town? Yeah Atlanta is hosting the Super Bowl and we relutantly made our picks. Although, no one outside of Massachusetts likes the Pats, we both feel like it isn't time for the young QB.

Takashi69 may have copped a plea. Kunta feels like this was expected. However, I want to discuss an alternate position. Are the OGs treating this kid unfairly considering he is an entertainer and most likely not a gangster? Don't snitches get stitches? Should they? Or should they be allowed to continue making money?

Can we get a domestic violence charge against the woman that dismembered Bow Wow's face? Meanwhile, can we agree that the Empire star may have some funny business going o with his attack? Adjacently, Corey Booker throws his hat in the ring. "Come on out" and vote.

Screech!!! Viriginia has a Governor hopeful that posed in a school-aged picture with black face and klan hoods. Then he tried blackface again later in his life. Did we mention that his nickname is The Coon Man? I have finally found something to agree with Kunta on. Throw his butt away.

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Rainbow CoElection #BOBS021

Episode #21 My daughter drops in because she wanted to do our intro. KingKunta asks her to stay on past that and then does what he does to me every week...Talks without pause. Let's all "VOTE" that he starts using headphones so he can actually hear my side of the conversation sometimes. Just like a liberal, never really listening to the other side. Speaking of voting, Kunta is in high spirits (pun intended). He likes the new look of the nation after the midterms. There are black, Native American, homosexual, and bisexual winners. Gay cakes for everyone. No, but seriously, due to high minority turnout, the country's elected officials are more diverse than ever before. Too bad Florida and Georgia missed the memo. But wait...Kunta is holding out for the recount. So much voter fraud and suppression. It is running rampant in Georgia. Kunta has confidence that justice will prevail. So you are telling me the guy in charge of the office that is counting the votes is going to fess up and do the right thing? There is faith that with Maxine Waters having a new position, Trump is on his heels to avoid the orange jumpsuit. Once again proving that liberal thinkers are so emotional that they will let anyone willing to scream loud lead their party. ...


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Episode #48   Kunta and I had a few weeks off to think about how much we disagree. However, we got set up for another weeks recordings and ended up not disagreeing so much. Maybe it is true what they say about absence. I am just glad to be back from the Dominican Republic, How would you guys have liked BOBS without me to keep Kuntas feet on the ground?   This weeks epsiode was a hodgepodge of things. Somewhere along the way we talked about both Nicki and Cardi, The Hawks and the Lakers, Soap and toothpaste. The border and drugs. most importantly, drugs. Kunta and I both are interested in the god molecule. It cant be a coincidence that many people have such a similar experience. Either way. the experience is nothing that you are used to. Perhaps those parallel dimensions have something to say. Just know that if we ever get to host a RareSonance Vacation, you will probably meet inter-dimensional beings there. ...


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Vax For The Variant

Black On Both Sides Episode #126 Lebron has made it to millionaire status and we want to congratulate him on his past and future success. I do believe that he has bent to social force, but maybe that is why he is now a billionaire. Kyrie, on the other hand, has no social graces and may be out of an endorsement deal with Nike if he doesn’t learn to “play ball”. How about that high school player that is about to get an endorsement deal before he even plays a down of college football? Is there no limit to booster and agent BS? Someone needs to protect young men like this one. Then on the other hand, he may be getting millions of dollars in endorsements. Most of us will never see that at one time. More power to you. Bill Cosby wants payback for his jail time. I think this is very interesting because he is definitely the type of person that earns money just from being a free man. So now who is responsible for his lost funds? Kunta wants to take this opportunity to encourage all listeners who have not been vaccinated, to make the decision to do so. He feels that the Delta Variant has changed the playing field and creates a more increased chance of becoming infected. He adds that you may get COVID but you won’t die! Vax For The Variant #BOBS126 Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  premium subscriber HERE Get Show merch here: MERCH ...