Black On Both Sides

The Eyes Of Texas See Black On Black Crime


Episode #28


Okay, okay, I lost the bet to Kunta and must sing the Texas Longhorn fight song that they stole from the railroad. I am a man of my word, so let the singing begin. - Speaking of singing, R Kelly is on everyone's timeline. Even though we had agreed not to speak about it, we have to weigh in on the future of celebrity when it comes to sexual allegations. - Did I say celebrity? Is Tiffany Haddish a celebrity? Of course she is. Should she be? I don't know. If you base that question on her New Year's Eve performance, I would say no. But hey, everyone has a bad day at work, right? - Kevin Heart backed Tiffany and now Ellen has forgiven Kevin for his "anti-gay" remarks. She is now backing his decision to throw his name in the hat to be host of the Oscars. I am not watching it even if Black Jesus hosted it.


Gang violence erupts in Houston and this time they racially profile a white man as the shooter. Nonetheless, a black girl is the victim and we have more black on black crime that no one will march in protest of.


Trump decides that his cabinet should get raises even in the midst of a government shutdown. By the way, no tax returns until the Govt. opens up again. Kunta and I weren't getting a return anyway.

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