Black On Both Sides

Trail Of Tear Gas


Episode #22


How was your turkey? Mine was succulent. The ham too. How was Kunta's? Dry as the foot of a shoeless African. But the sides were good, right? Kunta explains how to ruin a Thanksgiving. I will tell you how to prepare my dessert. 


Sorry we missed you last week. Kunta was off completing the trifecta of the Spartan races and much to his surprise, I am impressed. There is a lot to be said of a person that willingly request punishment to that extent. Congrats on the completion, Kunta.


Our big issue on this epsiode is the caravan of immigrants that finally made it to the border. Surprise though, You can't actually just cross into the US. Even if Democrats have made you believe that no one likes Trump...You can't just openly disregard sovereignty. So now what? I don't know. Go home? Tijuana ins't going to accept you. Liberals will not save you. In fact, no one came to these people's rescue. At one point, they were fired on. Tear gas on a crowd of people including women and children is not the media day you want as a president. But at this point, how can this be avoided?


Mass shooter in an Alabama mall left a potential mistaken identity victim dead. Did I mention he was fresh out of bootcamp? Did I mention he was a classy and well respected citizen of his community? Whoops goes the police force. How are we going to explain this one away. Doesn't seem likely that this one will easily be forgotten.

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