Black On Both Sides

Trump Lies Like The Moon...Landing


Episode #52 Did the moon landing happen? Did it happen but on a later date? Who knows? I just don't understand what the government has to gain by lying to us. If it is just to promote how much faster we are than the Soviets, good. Lie away.


If you are a nerd, then you already knew about the new Blade movies. You probably also knew that there was such a thing as San Diego Comic-Con. Kunta takes a few minutes away from his militant persona to give you guys the full update.


By chance, did you use the face app? Well chances are you didn't know the consequences of doing that. Lets just say the Russians wont lose the next race. Meanwhile, Tesla has an idea for how we could use some of your wasted brain cells.


Trump is faced with a tough decision. Just on the heels of a mediocre apology to the Squad for his remarks, he addresses a crowd in NC. The crowd starts chanting to send back the 4 ladies he was speaking of in his (racist) remarks. Does he shut it down quickly? Or bask in the sweet joy of acceptance? What if he lets it go on for a while and then makes it up by getting ASAP Rocky out of Swede Jail?

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