Trumpy Balboa

Episode 114 March 01, 2021 01:25:02
Trumpy Balboa
Black On Both Sides
Trumpy Balboa

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #114

Just because you go viral and are thrust onto the world stage does not mean you are ready for the spotlight. Tessica shows us that there is a difference between being a content creator and being famous. She posted a dance solo dance routine that would have had Boom-Kack kicking her off of the Diddy show.

Tiger ruins his legs and manages to jump a barrier and crash uphill all without even considering pressing the breaks. LA County rules it a simple accident with no DU, DW, or any other kind of I.

2021 is the kind of year that allows someone to vilify baby reveals. How dare you straight…I mean cis gendered people force a gender on a helpless baby?

There will be no 15 dollar minimum wage mandate for you liberals. In fact, Georgia is still under 8 dollars. Take that newly blue state liberal.

Trump was the keynote speaker at CPAC. Yep, that is real. And he is awarded a golden trophy of himself with a business suit up top and Rocky Balboa boxing shorts down below. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Trumpy Balboa #BOBS114

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Black On Both Sides Episode #94 Kunta ordered a Marathon Mask only to be taught that life is not a sprint. He was given the marathon time table when it comes to his delivery. Many, many days later, her received his mask and wants to speak to whoever is in charge. 2 Chainz and Ross had a verzuz battle. Not sure who won. We do, however, know who wants to be next. Bow Wow has thrown his name in the hat to go against any challengers. But are there any challengers available? Who is beating Mr 106 and Park? We come to find out that Kanye is actually running for president. But he has no intention of winning. He just wants to spoil the black vote for the Democrats. Kunta has an issue with this. Politics is stupid to me. I wish there was someone better to vote for. Biden won’t commit to a black female VP. In fact, he visited with a white woman potential. Is he trying to lose on purpose? Meanwhile, COVID keeps killing. In fact, now we are hitting about 1000 deaths per day. What better time to have a biker rally in South Dakota. Last year 500,000 people showed up. This year they expect up to 250,000 people. How may masks do you think will be there? Speaking of South Dakota, guess who wants their face on the wall of Mt. Rushmore??? You only need one guess. can Russian presidents get a spot on the wall? Russian Rushmore #BOBS094 Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  premium subscriber HERE Get Show merch here: MERCH Follow us at: Twitter Instagram Facebook ...


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Episode #40 A few days removed from the funeral and Kunta seems to be back on track. But we can’t refrain from saying a few words about the event. Overall, this was a positive celebration of what has become one of the most surprisingly influential figures in the community. Magic Johnson has vacated a front office job allowing the league to lighten up (figuratively and literally). He has had enough of the son’s ways. What is the cost here? Will LeBron stay? Speaking of phenoms…Tiger has done it again. This time 43 and with a bad back, but done it, he has. Another green jacket and another step closer to the record. Here’s a fun fact…Some of your Democrats have not always so liberal. For instance, Joe Biden. How many of you know his stance on segregation? I’m sure now you are thinking it is pretty positive. However, did he always feel this way? And should we hold him accountable for the man he was? Kunta wants everyone to know that Trump is a boogey man. They couldn’t get him with the Mueller Report, so let’s keep trying. The flavor of the week is weaponization of immigrants. Yes, you heard it correctly. Kunta feels like Trump has weaponized your local neighborhood immigrant. I fell like it is a stiff glass of getting what you want. What say you? ...


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Black On Both Sides Episode #118 Inquiring mind (mine) wants to know whether or not a person that can’t pay for brunch should get to choose where brunch happens. I say no. Kunta lets his kids pick the brunch spot. As you would expect for non-paying people, it didn’t go well. Tokyo and brunch don’t go together. Versuz coming is old school and didn’t finish school. I am here for the Isley v. Earth Wind and Fire. But someone needs to tell Xscape that they didn’t have enough hits to verse anyone. Is this more about nostalgia, or are we still doing this in battle format? Kunta wants to tell you guys about the Black political issues that Marvel is working into their new series. I for one don’t need politics with my nerd stuff. I don’t really have a say since I will not be watching any of the episodes. How long do we call something a conspiracy theory after a high level official says it is true? The CDC guy says that a Wuhan lab is the creator and publisher of the virus. Is that not enough to go on? Or do we not trust high level CDC guys anymore? If you have been a listener to our show for a while, you know that Kunta considers any voter issues to be the highest order of criminality in government. Well, my home state is trying to send what Kunta calls the country into Jim Crow 2.0. For instance, handing someone a water in line is a criminal offense. Now I am not sure that the new voter laws are quite enough to be considered Jim Crow, however, they are serious. ...