Wafrican American

Episode 140 February 28, 2022 01:23:34
Wafrican American
Black On Both Sides
Wafrican American

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #140

We are rounding out Black History Month with a very important question. Who is the most successful African Americans of all time. Obama, Denzel, Oprah, Bob Johnson are among the candidates. But there may be someone you are forgetting about.

Russia has invaded the Ukraine. How does this season geo-politics? A young person may not really think it has much effect on the world. Older people fully remember the cold war and how far reaching the Soviet Boogeyman was. Are we headed into the preliminary stages of the next world war or is this just a geo-political penis measuring competition?

Wafrican American #BOBS140

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Black On Both Sides Episode #119 Question of the day…Who is your favorite CrackHead? I know. It sounds hateful. It sounds dismissive. But if you had to pick one, who would it be? Many people would say Tyrone Biggums. Some would say their uncle. A couple would say the guy I knew that used to have a fully mobile (He walked to you) car wash in the hood. Wait! We all know and love one person that had his difficulties with the pipe. Arf Arf! Meanwhile, they are trying to cancel the man before his bones even dry out. When are we going to get tired of judging people’s mid 90’s stances by today’s standards? This just can’t be done. Especially since he isn’t here to defend his possible evolution. Let the negative things stay in the past. Who won the Isley and Earth Verzuz? Not sure, but Kunta said that there was no deep Fake of Ronald Isley. I am not so sure as I know that man looked different in the 80s. Sadly, they released a new song on the backs of their newfound attention. I’m not saying I don’t like it. I’m just saying it isn’t good. Speaking of deep fakes, who told Kid Cudi to run out on stage in a dress and cosmetic jewelry? These kids and their rock ‘n roll. If you have been following the Chauvin trial, yeah most of us are not. It is too easy to just watch the highlights. It seems that there is a mixed feeling about who is winning so far. Nonetheless, we are bracing for a result that will hurt our hearts. It ...


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Black On Both Sides Episode #94 Kunta ordered a Marathon Mask only to be taught that life is not a sprint. He was given the marathon time table when it comes to his delivery. Many, many days later, her received his mask and wants to speak to whoever is in charge. 2 Chainz and Ross had a verzuz battle. Not sure who won. We do, however, know who wants to be next. Bow Wow has thrown his name in the hat to go against any challengers. But are there any challengers available? Who is beating Mr 106 and Park? We come to find out that Kanye is actually running for president. But he has no intention of winning. He just wants to spoil the black vote for the Democrats. Kunta has an issue with this. Politics is stupid to me. I wish there was someone better to vote for. Biden won’t commit to a black female VP. In fact, he visited with a white woman potential. Is he trying to lose on purpose? Meanwhile, COVID keeps killing. In fact, now we are hitting about 1000 deaths per day. What better time to have a biker rally in South Dakota. Last year 500,000 people showed up. This year they expect up to 250,000 people. How may masks do you think will be there? Speaking of South Dakota, guess who wants their face on the wall of Mt. Rushmore??? You only need one guess. can Russian presidents get a spot on the wall? Russian Rushmore #BOBS094 Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  premium subscriber HERE Get Show merch here: MERCH Follow us at: Twitter Instagram Facebook ...