We’re All Gonna Get Corona

March 09, 2020 01:18:10
We’re All Gonna Get Corona
Black On Both Sides
We’re All Gonna Get Corona

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #74

The Clippers had a home game? No, the Lakers had a home game? Whatever! I am not going to get into Los Angeles politics. The Lakers played the Clippers at home. King Kunta thinks it is comical how they try to dress up the Staples Center for the Clips. This will always be the house that Kobe (and Shaq) built.

Meanwhile a coast away, one of the greatest fans of all time is getting disrespected. Spike Lee can’t come through the employee entrance of MSG. He has been doing this for decades. Oh well, not exactly racism, but really about another owner that is far from self aware.

Zaya is officially here. Wade and Union are at the front of the progressive kid parade. I have softened my stance because this is obviously something that they are all extremely confident about. Kunta is still on the side of caution. And we both want to know why they haven’t permitted the outside kid to get some attention. 

The Democratic Primary is still alive for three hopefuls. Biden, Bernie, and… Why the hell are you still running. Give it up, third person. This is not for you. 

Dr. Drew was all over social media saying that the virus outbreak is not being presented correctly. He doesn’t believe the world should be in mass hysteria. We should all wash our hands a little more and stop coughing and sneezing into the air. Kunta thinks we are all going to get it. At least he feels like most of us will not feel the effects of getting it. But we are all going to get it. You get Corona, You get Corona, everybody gets Corona!   

As far as Trump this week, I am happy that his time in office has a painted a very clear picture of how inept all of the “officials’ and “experts” are. We are living in a world where no one truly knows anything. Some people are just really good at pretending they do. And we believe them.

We’re All Gonna Get Corona #BOBS074

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