Black On Both Sides

What Can Brown Do For You...Lately


Episode #17


Kunta is not feeling this week's serving of Atlanta music. The releases from Quavo and Usher have mixed reviews. I have given up on music, so I never listen early. I have many releases that have collected dust because I still haven't removed the bubble wrap. I am just not inspired by today's music. I was riding today in the fall weather with the windows down listening to music. The Monster record by Kanye came on and it was like hip-hop nirvana. Well recorded, hard beat, mastered a little hot...but still banging. Records don't do that anymore. But Kunta still has no love for Kanye. So much so that for simply sitting next to him, Kunta has banished Jim Brown, as well. Forget that the man has a storied history in activism. We don't want to hear it, sir. This is one of those shows where Kunta and I will not agree. But I am sure you will get enjoyment from it. Leave us a comment on which side you fall on.

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