Black On Both Sides

What Is 5 Billion To US?


Episode #27


We have reached the end of another year. The first end to a year of Black On Both Sides. We want to thank everyone for listening and plan on making 2019 an even better year for the Sides. But before we leave 2018, we must talk about a few things.


Bone Thugs have a beef with the Migos? No, you didn't miss anything. There wasn't anything to miss. This beef is nonexistent. Well unless you consider a Bizzy pulling out a rifle reminiscnet of Maw and Paw. In other Kunta news, Gucci Mane Lemonade turns 10 today and Kunta can't hold back his excitement. Clone or no clone, Kunta is a fan.


Trump is retracting his ownership of the wall debacle. Now he is blaming the Dems for the shutdown of the government. Honestly, what is 5 billion dollars to this country? We spend so much money on other things. I blame the Dems as much as I blame him.


Even beyond that Kunta exposes Trump for lying to the forward deployed military about their 10% raise which ended up being 2%. I actually agree with this. The last thing we want is those troops out there to know the truth and pack it up.


Happy New Year!

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