What Is 5 Billion To US? #BOBS027

Episode 27 December 31, 2018 01:10:38
What Is 5 Billion To US? #BOBS027
Black On Both Sides
What Is 5 Billion To US? #BOBS027

Show Notes

Episode #27

We have reached the end of another year. The first end to a year of Black On Both Sides. We want to thank everyone for listening and plan on making 2019 an even better year for the Sides. But before we leave 2018, we must talk about a few things.

Bone Thugs have a beef with the Migos? No, you didn't miss anything. There wasn't anything to miss. This beef is nonexistent. Well unless you consider a Bizzy pulling out a rifle reminiscnet of Maw and Paw. In other Kunta news, Gucci Mane Lemonade turns 10 today and Kunta can't hold back his excitement. Clone or no clone, Kunta is a fan.

Trump is retracting his ownership of the wall debacle. Now he is blaming the Dems for the shutdown of the government. Honestly, what is 5 billion dollars to this country? We spend so much money on other things. I blame the Dems as much as I blame him.

Even beyond that Kunta exposes Trump for lying to the forward deployed military about their 10% raise which ended up being 2%. I actually agree with this. The last thing we want is those troops out there to know the truth and pack it up.

Happy New Year!

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Episode #31 Cardi B keeps finding her news in our show. More of the same. She is everywhere. She appeared to headline over Bruno Mars in Atlanta this weekend. And they had to turn people away. That's okay to Kunta because he feels like Bruno is just a replay of the 80s. Did we mention why btoh of them are in town? Yeah Atlanta is hosting the Super Bowl and we relutantly made our picks. Although, no one outside of Massachusetts likes the Pats, we both feel like it isn't time for the young QB. Takashi69 may have copped a plea. Kunta feels like this was expected. However, I want to discuss an alternate position. Are the OGs treating this kid unfairly considering he is an entertainer and most likely not a gangster? Don't snitches get stitches? Should they? Or should they be allowed to continue making money? Can we get a domestic violence charge against the woman that dismembered Bow Wow's face? Meanwhile, can we agree that the Empire star may have some funny business going o with his attack? Adjacently, Corey Booker throws his hat in the ring. "Come on out" and vote. Screech!!! Viriginia has a Governor hopeful that posed in a school-aged picture with black face and klan hoods. Then he tried blackface again later in his life. Did we mention that his nickname is The Coon Man? I have finally found something to agree with Kunta on. Throw his butt away. ...


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Black On Both Sides Episode #72   I, for one, was really ready for the TV series Power to be over. But they added many final season episodes as an extension. It was this generations Who Shot JR. Then they went and did something worse...They created a spin off. This time Tariq is at college and Method Man and Mary J Blige are involved. I won't be watching. However, I may be listening as Kunta just let me know that Sisqo has thrown his name in the hat for artists willing to sing the intro song.   Kunta reveals that he isn't so black after all. At least not when it comes to black tv series watching. He has never seen an episode of the following: The Wire, Insecure, Queen Sugar, etc. He has also only seen one Tyler Perry movie. Isn't he supposed to be the more potent Black from Black ON Both sides?   D Wade and Gabby are looking like the most progressive parents of the year, yet they still are not allowing Wade's other son from another mom in the house. How progressive is that?    Trump has turned his real life into an episode of the Apprentice and has begun firing everyone in sight. Meanwhile the Dems look more and more powerless against a re-election. Unless....Unless...Mike Bloomberg can save the day!   TV With No Chocolate #BOBS072   Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  premium subscriber HERE   Get Show merch here: MERCH   Follow us at: ...


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Black On Both Sides Episode #93 Black is King. The title is epic in itself. KingKunta spared no words of praise and approval of the latest work of art from Beyonce. In his words, this is the year’s best effort from a black creator. He tells us this for at least 30 minutes..thus the title. Why in the world would there be any hate for a fictional work of art? Kunta says that the Hoteps and FakeWoke crew were out in the streets ready to purge the queen. Does Sade have an equal for Versuz? I don’t think so. And as much as I like the challenger that Timbo offered, I don’t think they are in the same universe when it comes to music. It appears that KingKunta did not know how great P-funk was. Even sober people know the greatness of Parliament Funkadelic. So we decided to go over a few factoids after Kunta watched a Questlove tribute. Hoop Dreams for another rapper. Guess Who??? NFL player’s choice top 5 is out and we disagree on the order. John Lewis was laid to rest this week. Many presidents came to pay tribute. Obama figured out a way to push the Democrat agenda into the eulogy. But since he is so great. we let it happen. Guess who didn’t show? Trump want’s to suspend the election until people are able to vote in person for fear that there will be tampering. So if you are the current president…and your people are in charge of counting…how could there be tampering unless you allowed it? Will Trump give up the office WHEN he loses? Black is KingKunta3X #BOBS093 Support the show by paying your laugh tax or becoming a  ...