Who’s Sorting The Mail?

Episode 95 August 17, 2020 01:34:34
Who’s Sorting The Mail?
Black On Both Sides
Who’s Sorting The Mail?

Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #95

Kunta spent the better part of his Friday morning being drilled and assaulted by a ‘doctor”. This being the result of neglecting a tooth issue and just chewing on the other side. As a result, he is now certain that Dentist are not doctors and are, in fact, charlatans.

I spent my Friday trying to force feed vegan food to myself. This particular restaurant we went to left us holding a very hefty bill. Who says plants are cheap?

Jilly from Philly has been inked to play Mahalia Jackson in her biopic. Is it too late to protest this decision? I have someone in mind. And she is a gospel singer.

Who is here for the Fresh Prince reboot? A funny thing happened on the way to the writer’s room. They stopped making it funny. Good luck.

We touch on the Spanish Flu 2, Katt Williams, Breonna Taylor’s mother meeting with the AG, and vaccine talk with faucci.

Meanwhile the Post Office is overwhelmed and of course it is on purpose. Dejoy took out sorters to improve efficiency and accuracy. So we doing this by hand? Hand to hands? This is more efficient?  

Neither the reps nor the dems got the unemployment assistance stimulus done. So they went home.

Who’s Sorting The Mail? #BOBS095

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